Shorten the learning curve - in bounds!

When I first discovered DAWs, VST instruments, and music production "in the box” years ago, I had a sense of feeling overwhelmed in that, I didn’t even know, what I needed to know!

What does ADSR and an envelope mean, what is buffer size and latency? Does MIDI contain audio? How the hell do I just make a beat in Studio One 4.0/DAW X.X?!?

One-on-one training helps to mitigate the huge amounts of suffering that is often experienced when entering into the world of digital music production.

The web training services offered specialize in developing skills specifically within: Presonus Studio One, Native Instruments, digital music production, synthesis, sound design, technical concepts for beginners and intermediate, beat-making, and more.

If you’re interested in one-on-one training, click the “inquire” button below and in the presented contact form please provide a brief description of the concepts/topics you’d like to learn, as well as your general availability for training.



Specific training available

  • Presonus Studio One

  • Native Instruments

  • Audio Concepts & Principles

  • Synthesis

  • Beat-making

Quick video on how to join the one-on-one training meeting room.


$25/hr - Minimum 1 hour charge.